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A website doesn't have to cost the earth

The Khushee Street Food website story

Many small businesses rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their businesses, believing that having a website will be a costly investment that they simply can't afford. However, relying on social media alone can limit a business's ability to reach potential customers.

It's a dilemma many small businesses face. Some address this by choosing to create their own websites using well known website builder platforms such as Wix and Shopify to avoid costly developer costs, but then some find the ongoing elevated hosting costs and fees of these platforms are also unaffordable. Others simply choose not to do anything at all, hoping they can grow their business by social media and word of mouth alone.

Khushee Street Food also faced this dilemma. As a recent start-up with limited funds, they knew they needed a web presence but needed to do so as cheaply as possible until the business grew, so Facebook and Instagram it was.

Khushee sells Indian food inspired dishes from its food truck that travels around different towns and villages in the UK county of Norfolk. As a pop-up caterer, dates and venues are not fixed, so they advertise their itenary, and any changes and cancellations on social media. As the business picked up new customers on its travels, many would ask "When are you coming back?" or "What village will you be at next?" and Khushee would advise them to follow their social media accounts for the latest information. For most people this answer was fine but others responded "Oh, I don't do social media, don't you have a website?".

So what does a company do when not having a website means their advertising cannot reach some potential new customers or is not accessible to existing ones? Many choose, for a variety of reasons, to carry on as they are, assuming that the number of social media users will outweigh any potential loss to the business (Facebook lost daily users for the first time ever last quarter) . Khushee did not. As a business that prides itself on customer care, as well as its catering services, they didn't want to disrespect their customers' social media choices and decided they would explore a cost effective web solution. 

Khushee approached me for advice as I had successfully helped their sister company Ethnic Fusion Fine Foods Ltd set up their Shopify website. They said they had limited funds and couldn't afford a similar hosting cost but would need to be able to add dates and venues to the website themselves and did I have any suggestions.

The solution I suggested was a basic standard hosting package with a well known and trusted provider and a simple one page brochure website design and build with a free third party events calendar plugin integrated.

Why a one page website?

Firstly, not every business needs a large website. One page websites are ideal for food takeaways and other caterers who don't wish to sell online as a showcase for their menu. Khushee's product is also quite small and targeted with a selection of fillings available for their 'Fill a Box' and 'Khushee Wrap' offerings. Whilst they occasionally offer additional dishes, the business is mainly based on this core model.

Secondly, there was only three things they wanted the website to do. The above mentioned menu showcase, a way to advertise dates and venues, and to familiarise new customers with the Khushee truck, so it would easily be recognisable on the street. A larger website would have been overkill.  

Finally, cost. Khushee were on a budget - the larger a website, the more it costs to build in both time and money.

The final one page I designed and built for them website does what it needs to do, and acts as valuable information point for Khushee's existing customers who do not wish to use social media, and any new customers that find them via this route is a bonus in addition to their social media presence. They are also able to update dates and venues themselves for free via a third party website widget that dynamically updates the information on the Khushee website, and ongoing hosting costs have been kept to the minimum.

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